How to Treat Mildew While Prepping Surfaces for Paint?

Have you ever seen a green substance growing on your walls? This unsightly green growth on your walls is known as mildew. Not only does it give your surfaces an ugly look, but it also makes it difficult for you to add a fresh coat of paint. Mildew also keeps the coat of paint from adhering to the surfaces it is applied to. In order to do a successful paint job, it is very important that the surface is clean, dry, and free from mildew. The slightest amount of mildew that is left on the surface can continue to grow and make the fresh paint peel and chip off. To ensure long-lasting results, you can use some bleach and chlorine solution to clean your surface. 
Let’s take a look at some of the ways to keep mildew at bay while preparing your surface for paint. 
Preparing Interior Surfaces 
•Make sure to remove all kinds of furniture from the area you are about to paint. While you clean the surfaces, don’t forget to cover the ground with a plastic sheet to keep it safe from the cleaning solution. 
  • For safety purposes, wear gloves and goggles. To clean the mildew, mix one-part bleach with three-part water. Mix the two and apply to the mildew-stricken surfaces.
  • Now, empty the bucket and fill it with clean water. Soak a sponge or a piece of cloth in the water and use it to rinse the bleach solution away. 
  • Wipe the surface with an absorbent fabric until it is completely dry. 
Preparing Exterior Surfaces 
  • Any vegetation near the area being painted needs to be watered and must be covered with a plastic sheet to keep it safe from the cleaning solution. 
  • While cleaning exterior surfaces, you need to wear safety gloves and goggles. To clean the mildew, mix one part of bleach with ten parts of water. Apply it to the mildewed surfaces and allow it to settle for 10 minutes. Then, scrub the solution with a hard-bristled brush. 
  • The surface needs to be blasted with a high pressure garden hose. The surface should be washed thoroughly because the slightest amount of mildew can grow again and ruin your paint job. 
  • The plastic sheet that you have covered the plants with must be removed, and the plants should be rinsed with a garden hose. 
The above-mentioned steps will help you get rid of mildew from interior and exterior surfaces before you paint. Also, in order to keep mildew away, you must go for the best paint products, like the ones we offer. To learn more about our products, visit our website.