Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Siding Warping

There are times during the summer season when the vinyl siding on your property starts to get a little warped. Nobody can conclusively say why warping on vinyl siding takes place. The causes behind a warped vinyl siding can be both natural as well as man-made.  
Let’s take a look at some of the common causes of a warped vinyl siding. 

Faulty Installation 
Poor installation is one of the major reasons why a vinyl siding buckles and warps. The contractor hired for the installation of your vinyl siding knows all too well that the siding must not be placed too tightly against your house. In order to keep a vinyl siding safe, it must be placed loosely against the side of your house. 

Reflection of Sunlight
Sunlight does not damage your vinyl siding if the rays are coming straight from the sun. However, if the sunlight is pinpointed or reflected onto your vinyl siding from another surface, damage can take place. There are several sources of reflected sunlight, and standing water is one of them. When the reflected sunlight adds up to the rays of the sun, your vinyl siding is meant to warp. Other sources of sunlight reflection are the nearby windows, especially the ones that have UV coating. 

Dark-Colored Paint 
Have you ever wondered why you feel unnecessarily hot wearing a darker color during the summer? This happens because darker tones have an ability of absorbing more heat than lighter ones. The same basic principle applies to the vinyl siding in your house. If a dark-colored paint is applied to your vinyl siding, it will absorb more heat and eventually get warped. It is very important that the vinyl siding in your house is of a lighter color tone. 

Heat Sources 
Outdoor grills can help you enjoy fun barbeques, and savor on some delicious grilled meat and marshmallows. But it is better to use those grills far away from the vinyl siding in your home. Outdoor grills can heat up to more than 300 degrees, and if that heat gets to your siding, it can quickly make it to the siding panels. Insufficient ventilation inside your house can also result in vinyl siding warping. 

Shifting and Settling of the Foundation 
There are times when the foundation of your house tends to settle and shift. When it shifts, it allows the siding to bend and turn with it. As long as the shifting and settling of your foundation is minimal, it won’t cause much harm to the siding. But if the shifting and shuffling is drastic, it can make the siding warp. 

How to Repair a Warped Siding? 
Unfortunately, once the siding is warped there is nothing that can be done to restore its original form. The good news is that, vinyl siding comes in the form of patching, and if one patch gets damaged, it can always be replaced.