5 Tips for Getting Rid of Roller Marks After Paint Dries

Painting isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when you are a beginner. When painting for the first time, some common mistakes are bound to happen. Also, the final product might be quite different from what you expect. After the paint dries, ending up with roller marks is something that frustrates the painter a lot.

Let’s take a look at some tips to get rid of roller marks from dry paint.

1. Sand Them Away

Roller marks occur due to a layer of excess of paint towards the edges of where the roller was applied. Repainting isn’t an option as these marks can easily be sanded away. To prevent any damage, sanding must be done by hand, followed by slight touchups. However, sanding is a great way of getting rid of unsightly roller marks.

2. Touch Up with a Brush

To get rid of the streaks left by rollers, a second coat of paint comes in handy. After the previous coat of paint has dried, use a brush to get rid of those streaks. While you wait for the previous coat to dry, make sure that no marks of sliding paint are left.

3. Watch Out for the Ceiling

Painting a ceiling with a roller can be extremely problematic, especially if there is excess paint on the roller. Because of gravity, paint fails to adhere perfectly to the surface of your ceiling. Therefore, you wind up with some roller marks which are nothing short of an eyesore. The best way to avoid roller marks on the ceiling is to use a small amount of paint.

4. Follow a Painting Direction

Sticking to a particular painting direction helps you avoid roller marks altogether. Doing so, even if a few roller marks appear, you can fix them right away. Regardless of whether you go for a matte finish or eggshell, an inconsistent paint direction will leave you with such blemishes. Following a particular direction, the excess paint will get straightened by the roller in the second or third passing. Also, make sure that the pressure you exert remains consistent throughout.

5. Hire a Professional

It is good to seek tips on getting rid of roller marks; but, wouldn’t it be great to avoid them altogether? All you have to do is hire a professional for your paint job. A professional painter possesses the skills and experience to ensure an immaculate and spotless paint job, thus providing you with the rightful value for your investment. A professional does your paintjob in a timely manner, saves you money, and eliminates the possibility of future repairs.


Besides proper application, the final product of your paintjob depends heavily upon the quality of the paint you use. Which is why, we offer you the finest paint colors, primers and applicators. To know more about our products, feel free to visit us online, or call now at 718-338-7921.