5 Things you Mustn’t Ignore When Hiring a Paint Contractor

Painting a house is a time-intensive task that takes a lot of effort. Most people don’t have the time to paint their entire house. Hiring an experienced paint contractor can help save a lot of hassles involved in painting a house. 

You should select a painter carefully for painting your house. Going for a painter that offers the services at the least cost may look like a great deal. But it may end up costing you a lot of money due to unprofessional work. 

1. Experience 
Experience is the foremost thing you should never ignore when hiring a painting contractor. Make sure that the painter has at least 3 years of experience in painting residential or commercial buildings. 

Experience always trumps price when it comes to selecting a painting contractor. With an experienced painting contractor, you can rest assured of professional work. In fact, you will save costs in the long run when you hire an experienced painter as the paintwork would last for a long time. 

2. Location
Ignoring the location is also a mistake when hiring a painting contractor. You should hire a local painting contractor based in your region. Hiring local painters can be more convenient as they can easily make your way to your home. 
Additionally, a local painting agency will more likely give you a lesser quote as compared to a painter located outside the town or city. In case of an emergency, you can rest at ease that the professional painters are located a few miles away. 

3. Multiple Quotes
Make sure that you get multiple quotes for your paint job. This is important to ensure that a painting company is not charging you too much for a job. Additionally, it will let you know about a company that is charging too low for a job. 

4. Hidden Costs
You should ask the contractor about all the costs upfront. You want to ask whether the cost includes the cost of paint supplies. Moreover, you should also ask about the pre-work that is included in the cost. 
Compare the estimates and ensure that you are not missing out on important paint tasks. Ask the paint contractor about any work that would require separate costing. 

5. Written Contract
You need to ensure that everything is written in a contract. While the verbal agreement may be enough for a small paint job, you should definitely ask for a contract for large jobs that cost thousands of dollars. Even if a painting contractor seems to be trustworthy, you should not ignore a written contract. Writing a contract is a good practice whenever large money is involved. The written contract should include not just the costs but also scope, contact information, liability, and other related information. 

Always go for a reputable experienced painter instead of a new and inexperienced one. This is important if you want a quality paint job that will last for years. You will end up saving a lot of money